Go back in time and visit any Philadelphia bar from 1995 to 2005. There you will find Yuengling Lager on tap. One of the first craft beers accepted by Philadelphian beer drinkers. Today, because there are so many craft beers to choose from, "Lager" is hard to find. 
So how do you get back in the conversation? 
And how do you do it with a brand that doesn't believe in advertising? 
How do you get a 3 year old to be interested in a 100 year brand; A brand that hasn't been supported by marketing in over 30 years? 
With social media. Duh.  
Oh wait... 3 year olds aren't on social media.
The client challenged us to get 100k facebook likes on the Lincoln Logs brand page in 3 months. It took 3 weeks. Short animated skits were posted for moms to share with their 3 year olds offline and share with other moms of 3 year olds online.
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