You have to be disciplined to tell a story in 30 seconds. 
Over the years, I learned from the best.
Cure Auto Insurance
Want to communicate to the public that your company is all about driving safely? Give them some tips.
I had the opportunity to create a lot of commercials for Cingular and AT&T. These examples were pre-social media successes that are memes today with millions of views. 
Go ahead google "IDK my BFF Jill." and see the results.
Nestle Ice Cream
Nestle Egypt had a novel flavor idea . They used assaleya, a local street candy and mixed it with an international ice cream. It became a big hit. (What's lost in translation is that the Egyptian part of the combination rhymed with assaleya.)
A couple of spots that got a lot of chatter
After this Christmas ad ran, I got a call from the director of the movie A Christmas Story-Bob Clark wanting a copy. Probably the best compliment I ever got.
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